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BidDay Has Two Levels:

Rookie Members: For a limited time, you may register FREE and have access to view properties on BidDay’s site and use some of BidDay’s cutting edge investment tools.

Pro and Expert Members: After you register as a member, you may advance to become an active bidder. Simply complete the Loan Pre‐Qualification application and this will produce a maximum bid amount of which you can bid on properties.

Example #1: If you are qualified for $100,000 then you can bid up to this amount on one property

Example #2: If you are qualified for $100,000 and you become the winning bidder on a $50,000 property, then you can still bid up to another $50,000 on a second property.

Membership Benefits
Once a BidDay Member, you will have the unique opportunity to do what millions of people have been waiting to do... preview national bank properties and buy them at discounts usually only accessed by insiders and investors. BidDay obtains enormous blocks of portfolios, so we can offer true investment opportunities not available to the general public.

Be sure to register and be the first to access properties owned by banks and investment groups. When properties are added to BidDay's website, you’ll receive instant email notifications that match your profile and wish lists.

Search Properties By:
Property type, city, state, zip code, # of bedrooms, # of floors, as well as by damage type and degree of damage.

Create Wish Lists
Your Wish List will automatically notify you when a property, exactly matching what you're looking for, is added to BidDay. The possibilities for customized profiles are endless.

For example:
• Emails sent for WISH LIST #1 (3 bed, 2 bath within 30 miles of 48530)
• Text messages for WISH LIST #2 (duplexes within 30 miles of Denver)
• Faxes for WISH LIST #3 (single family structures with damaged kitchen floors)

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