Category Type Monthly License Listing Fee Sale Fee
Residential Free Free $500
Commercial Free Free $500
  Bulk Pool Free Free
You keep your full commission!

Agent Benefits

Launch your Broker Auction Today!
Sign up for an agent account, start your own auction and sell your listing faster, manage your sellers auction events, and promote the event to your buyers
Real LIVE Auctions… not simply eBay Style
In addition to basic eBay style auctions (which are simply offer submissions), only BidDay offers you the ability to create a LIVE Simulcast event that broadcasts a LIVE auctioneer to each bidders computer screen. They can see and hear the auctioneer and even bid against “On-Site” buyers
Simulcast Custom On-Site Auctions World Wide
BidDay can even allow you to broadcast a LIVE Simulcast auction with your auctioneer from the front lawn of the property to online buyers. Online buyers will see and hear your auctioneer and bid against On-Site buyers… this creates energy, excitement, and a price lift for your seller. Contact us to setup a Custom Simulcast for your seller today
Create Your Own Bulk, Multiple Property, or Ballroom Auction Sale Event
Imagine being the local agent coordinator who leads multiple sellers to add properties to your auction event for as low as $6.99 a property! More properties create more energy, excitement, and elevates the bidding activity, thus creating a higher price lift on more properties. 3 steps to Success: 1) Organize your own ballroom auction. 2) Invite sellers and buyers . 3) Allow the energy of a competitive LIVE event to help you close more sales.
Protect Your Buyers And Your Commissions!
Send your account link to your buyers and associate them with your account to lock them in and prevent them from being circumvented by other agents
Receive Full Commissions and Continuous Passive Income
You keep your full commissions while motivating your buyers to attend your auctions. BidDay simply takes a minor 1.5% buyers premium upon a successful sale. Hold an auction event as a listing agent or easily earn more commission by promoting hand selected properties nationwide to your buyers. You’ll receive an automatic full commission every time a close occurs even if you’re on vacation
Access And Promote Large Amounts Of Bank Properties
Get alerted instantly when BidDay receives nationwide properties from banks, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, asset managers and bulk REO Sellers. BidDay does not charge for providing listing and allows you to configure your account for custom promotion to your buyers
Reduce Your Workday By 3 Hours, While Closing More Sales
Gain another 3 hours in your day by reducing or eliminating the headaches of managing emails, faxes, calls, text messages, and written offers by automating your business. BidDay allows you more time for promoting and marketing.

BidDay’s platform allows buyers and buyer’s agents to bid, automatically track all offers, send faxes to your account, and upload scanned offers/PDF’s, financials, and due diligence documents.
Receive A Free 24/7 Automated Assistant
Set up your account for various automated notifications by the seller, buyer, buyer’s agent, vendors, or other listing agent.

Other LIVE Automated notifications include: Buyer profile matches, when new properties are available to be pushed to your account, outbids, sale pending, back up offer status, requests to submit a higher bid, offers removed by buyer, winning bid, automated negotiation by seller (approved, reject, counter) … and more
Impress Your Buyers with Individual Custom Reports
Send buyer recommendations in seconds that match each buyer’s profile and include sales comparables, title information, liens, nearby rental rates, as well as investor summaries on each property. This includes COCR, Depreciation, Upfront Equity, Delayed Equity, and Total Return on Investments. Each of your buyers can then edit strategy assumptions for more precision analysis and move with confidence toward a purchase
Save Fuel Cost
Buyers will benefit from performing preliminary online research and due diligence which will reduce time, fuel, and cost. You’ll experience more closings when your buyers have greater confidence while reviewing detailed analysis, valuable property data, photos, video tours, title data, recent sales, property analysis and more!
Be 100% Mobile
Smart Phones and wireless devices will allow your buyers to not only attend but bid in real time at LIVE Simulcast Ballroom Auctions, LIVE Automated Avatar Auctions, Live Automated Auctions, Buy Now, Proxy, and of course basic eBay Style auctions from anywhere! Empower your buyers with mobile bidding power to bid on properties from their cell phones, laptops, or any internet device.
Elevate Your Status As A Sophisticated Agent
Provide more valuable insight to your buyers with BidDay’s AssetXrayTM and Full Property Condition Reports.

Quickly use the Diamond FormTM to run the numbers on a property and provide your clients easy to understand analysis that includes: Cash Flow, Cash on Cash Return, Appreciation Return, Depreciation Return, and the properties Total Return on Investment.
Optimize Time And Effort By Using BidDay’s Marketing System
BidDay’s marketing system aids you in promoting custom notices to your buyers that aligns many facets of data and analysis.

BidDay’s automated smart marketing system takes time consuming tasks and reduces them to a few clicks performed from any wireless device.
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BidDay’s Cutting Edge Technology Benefits for you and your sellers