The Worlds Most Advanced Online Auction Technology

BidDay is a leading auction technology provider that private labels your company website and empowers your company to provide “REAL” online and interactive live bidding auctions, rather than a simple offer system

A Sophisticated Online Marketing System with Powerful Tools

BidDay's team can be your company's expert online marketing arm to drive buyers to your website. Using our highly advanced online marketing system with sophisticated tools, custom buyer analysis, and smart buyer promotion, we expand your reach internationally which creates a price lift and higher close rates

An Advanced Analysis and Reporting System

BidDay's bidder/buyer/seller/vendor performance analysis reporting provides real time performance reports, thus providing you with instant real time metrics to plan powerful strategies, cost effective promotions, as well as validate your teams decisions

Our Integration Experts help Automate Your Processes, Increase Volume, and Cut Costs

BidDay is linked with many data providers to provide highly precise Market Data to increase your buyer's confidence, increase participation, and increase closing rates

An immediate low cost technology service provider that doesn't cut into your revenues

BidDay does NOT take a commission and receives a flat technology fee from the seller. Our state of the art platform has been proven for over 8 years and can be integrated within a few short weeks while aligning to your current processes

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